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ROLLER DERBY!! Hi, I’m fresh meat!

So I started roller derby. I know, right?! After much talking and about a million questions to my good friend Christy over at Ostomy on  the...

Hiking Big Bend National Park, New Years 2013

Click all pictures for a bigger view! Hey Friends. I have been pretty MIA lately due to a busy life, a...

Guest Post: I have a fistula

So as an IBDer we deal with a lot of shit, literally. But there is no feeling worse than dealing with shit that comes from somewhere it’s NOT...

A month of uncomfortable.

I’ve been going to therapy lately, and my therapist gave me a task for the next month. Be uncomfortable. I’m uncomfortable with the idea of...

Now Its Raining Cats and Depression

A few months ago I wrote about how it felt like it was raining cats and bowel problems . It felt like everyone I knew was having some issues...

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