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Jack S.

I'm a 40-year-old man who suffers from depression. I started this blog to share my experiences in hopes that it might help others. It helps me to share, too.
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My thoughts on suicide

 If I owned a gun, I might be dead. That’s how much pain I was in about this time a year ago. In just a few weeks it will have been one...

Hope isn't dangerous; it's all some have

I sat down just now to bang out a blog on fear. I planned to trot out quotes from FDR, the 23rd Psalm and my own harrowing experiences in dark...

The thief who steals precious time

As I watched foamy white fingers dance across the dark green waves at the beach recently, all I could think about was time. It’s the...

The maddening pursuit of normalcy

I don’t know what good looks like. I don’t know what normal feels like, either. Finding a “new norm” is one of the challenges facing the...

Finding liberation from the pain of secrets

I’ve shared a lot here about the pain countless people have suffered at the hands of a cruel disease. I’ve also shared how my recovery...

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