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Ivars R.

Foster City, California
I was born in Latvia but moved to the states when I was young with my family to have a better life. I've been a business owner for over 23 years and stress has taken it's toll. I am working out and eating healthier to lose a few pounds (already lost 15lbs!), and reduce stress. My wife and I have been brining our dog to work and she helps lighten the mood and most customers like it.
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Dec 17 2007 by Tamar F.
Welcome, Ivars, to the Walking Community! You are taking fantastic steps -- bad pun intended! - - to reduce stress and to have a healthier lifestyle. Know that walking regularly will create a fuller and happier life. Plus, walking is one of the safest things, if not the safest thing, you can do to keep in shape. I look forward to your contributions to the Walking community and keep up the good fight!