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Ivan G.

Brussels (Belgium), Belgium
Married, 2 children, 3 grand-children. Living in the country around Brussels (Belgium). Former dental surgeon and reserve Lt.-Col. in Belgian Army's medical service. Now coach for couples going through real problems and author. Fan of classical music, opera and golf.
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My problem: Getting over the hurdles by building trust and respect and 'resparking' the love we

You did knock "at the right door", dear Amanda. You see, what you're looking for is precisely the purpose of the method I developed. I pointed...

Can I find love again?

Yes, I'm sure you will, Frances. :-) However, "put all the winning cards in your game" : for example, you certainly could find some attitudes or...

I feel a strong decline in sexual drive. My baby is now 13 months. This happened after his birth.

The problem of postnatal decrease of women's desire is frequent... and easy to solve! You see, as a young mother you may feel that you have simply...

I love my dear a lot... Off late, due to my busy life, she is getting attached to other person. She

Dear Amir, You just discovered that, in order to live a long-lasting relationship with the woman you love, you need to be A V A I L A B L E...!...

Today, something unusual, - a short text I just received and I wished to share with you:

What Happens in Heaven? I dreamt that I went to Heaven and an angel was showing me around. We walked side-by-side inside a large workroom filled...
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