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Montreal, Canada
A single 46 year old, I was diagnosed with colon cancer in September 2008. First surgery was for removal of 1 foot of colon, second surgery cancer had spread to ovary. Started chemo therapy in February did a round of 12 treatments, presently awaiting scans. Today after 2 months since last chemo,... Full Bio
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Mar 07 2010 by Isaura

Hi Gander

My hands are still sensitive to water, the more I use my hands the worse, but I have to tell you,,, massaging hands and feet does help. The tingling and soreness are not as bad, you should take hand cream and massage your feet and hands, as I found that it has helped. The pain is pretty much gone, only a little numbness.....take care

Mar 06 2010 by gander
Hi isaura....How is yr numb feet & fingers?Are they getting better?what is your CEA level in your blood?I hope  ur fighting......take care
Oct 10 2009 by Daria
Welcome! Thought I'd say 'hi'.