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Peabody, Massachusetts
I am now retired after spending the last 30 years consulting in ophthalmic and medical lasers and ophthalmic technologies. I was on the staff of Arthur D. Little for 25 years, heading its Ophthalmic and Medical Laser Consulting Group. After my retirement from ADL, I ran my own consulting firm,... Full Bio
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Oraya IRay Update 4: Oraya Therapeutics Receives Guidance for Use in Germany

When I last updated the progress of Oraya Therapeutics, in January of this year ( Oraya IRay Update 3: Oraya Now Operating at Nine European...

Gene Therapy in Ophthalmology Update 22: First Spark Therapeutic Phase III Clinical Trial Results and Phase I Longevity Data

My article updating the latest information on the status of gene therapy clinical trials, What’s New in Gene Therapy for Ophthalmology? was...

Using Lasers to Treat Vitreous Floaters: An Update

Since my first article on the use of a YAG laser to treat floaters ( Using Lasers to Treat Vitreous Floaters: Laser Vitreolysis) appeared in this...

A Laser Process for Changing Brown Eyes Blue

`Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue' was a smash hit song(1) for Crystal Gale in 1977. But it has been a wish for many a young girl with brown eyes...

Avalanche Update 2: Avalanche and Univ. Of Washington Collaborate to Defeat Color Blindness

Avalanche Biotechnologies and the University of Washington Enter Into Exclusive License Agreement to Develop Gene Therapy Approach to Treat Color...
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