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Letting go... by brybrarobry I got another email from my cable company, it's only the 26th of the month and I've almost used up all my Internet bandwidth. Seems like I've been getting these every mo ... Read on »
Sometime you just have to stop and eat the pancakes... by brybrarobry With my new found motivation I find myself wanting to get out of the house more. Yesterday it was one of those Saturday mid-morning and afternoon drives. The best dri ... Read on »
First Indoor Ride in a LONG time... by brybrarobry I can't begin to explain how crazy my dreams have been lately. They are the type of dreams that are so good you look forward to going to sleep and entering that other wo ... Read on »
Finding your motivation... by brybrarobry This is an interesting post from my perspective. In 2007 when I decided to get back into shape, in the process losing 50 lbs and eventually doing 9 Ironman's over a 6 ... Read on »
Motivated by FAT by Kimberly.Shah Motivation is found in so many different forms.  When I look to what motivates me, it is a combination of many factors.  But when it comes to my fitness goals, it is simpl ... Read on »
Au Naturel Electrolyte Water by Kimberly.Shah It is easy to find an electrolyte water these days, but more difficult to find one that isn’t loaded with unnecessary sugars.  In fact you will find some major labeled bra ... Read on »
In Love with Myself by Kimberly.Shah It is easy to focus on the negatives in life, and yes, sometimes that can be a big  motivator.  There are two very distinctive points in my career I will never forget and ... Read on »
A Day In the Life by Kimberly.Shah RE-POST FROM 2013 Let’s just come out with it; I should have been born here.  The only thing that doesn’t match is the color of my skin, eyes or my hair and the langua ... Read on »
IRON INSANITY by Kimberly.Shah RE-POST FROM 2010 “This is my last; never again,” these were the words I had during a brief moment of sanity in June…eight hours later I signed up for another one; cle ... Read on »
MERGED by Kimberly.Shah A pause always occurs when asked what I do for a living.  It’s not that is hard to explain, it’s that I am one of “those people” who have not put all her eggs in one baske ... Read on »