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Legs strong, but... by brybrarobry You are going to get sick of hearing this, I hope. It's crazy how many big brand franchises are interested in wanting to get involved with my new app. Just today alone I ... Read on »
It's much easier when you have something someone wants... by brybrarobry I have the most crazy dreams, always have. This morning I had a dream that was so real it woke me up at 5 am. It was one of those dreams that rattled me, next thing yo ... Read on »
Food is a drug... by brybrarobry Ok, so as I've gotten older I've started to better understand my body. More specifically the changes I feel when I eat or drink and wake up the next morning. For near ... Read on »
It's been about 3 months... by brybrarobry Wow, I can't believe I haven't blogged in three months, it seems longer. Lots has happened since then, maybe that's why I think it's been longer than 3-months. Fir ... Read on »
Physcial Therapy by Mike W. I've been going to Sport and Spine on the East side for a couple of months now.  I had to go to PT a few years ago with my torn tendon and that was okay, but I wasn't ... Read on »
Go Run Some Hills by Kimberly.Shah I love running old school; no GPS beeping at me to tell me to run faster – slow down – run more…never getting to just fully enjoy the feel of a run.  There is nothing like ... Read on »
Cyber Monday Fitness Deals by Kimberly.Shah Great deals from awesome companies the fitness/triathlon world!  (Exception – Bucketfeet, and they just make amazing shoes that you aren’t always trying to get away in!) ... Read on »
A Shopping Fix by Kimberly.Shah A couple years ago when I told my husband I wanted to exchange stockings because it was my favorite childhood holiday memory, he couldn’t quite grasp what that meant.  Gro ... Read on »
Challenge Family Race Entries by Kimberly.Shah For anyone who has chosen to make endurance sports a part of their lifestyle, race entries can get expensive.  With entering the Americas and having a full presence in th ... Read on »
Good Neighbors by Kimberly.Shah Originally posted on TalesAlongTheWay : This will make you smile on this Sunday morning.  See what happens in Canada at the beginning of a hockey match when the ... Read on »