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You gotta start somewhere...

Posted Aug 01 2010 7:55pm
I had a lot of fun last night. It was just Alice and I talking, having cocktails and listening to music.

The cool part is that we've been together since we were 16 years old. When either of us reference a situation or person, we know exactly what the other person is talking about. Yet, even after all these years, we still learn new things about each others experiences.

I don't know what time we got to bed, but I got up with barely enough time to post my blog and get ready to go for a bike ride with Jeff. Jeff is my 35 year old next door neighbour and hasn't worked out in 4 years.

I borrowed him one of my bikes, adjusted the seat, showed him how to use the gears and off we went. I picked what I thought, was a very easy route. It was my 35 km running route. I figured it would take us just over an hour. What I didn't anticipate was Jeff's fitness level.

It has been so long since I've been a beginner myself. I've forgotten what to even expect. About 15 minutes into the ride, I took Jeff up Number One Side Road and by the time we got to the top at Guelph Line, he almost stroked out. We had to stop for a 3 or 4 minutes to let him catch his breath. It was a good thing I brought two water bottles.

My hat goes off to him. He never gave up and at times his face was so red I was semi-getting worried about his health. I've been on enough rides to know when a guy is fatigued and near bonking. I could tell Jeff was looking forward to it ending. He enjoyed it, but it was tougher than he, and I, thought it would be on him.

The upside is it's his first workout in 4 years and it was near 2 hours. The key is to keep it up. I told Jeff that if he continued, within 3 or 4 weeks, repeating this ride would feel like nothing. The body is a marvelous thing, it doesn't care about your age or condition, if you use it, it gets stronger.

I told Jeff that he's lucky, he's only 35 years old. That's still young enough for his body to bounce back relatively quickly. I gave him a little primer on heart rate training, although I'm not sure if he was really listening or just focusing on getting through the ride.

When we got home, I gave him the "fist tap", he earned it. He was proudly exhausted and I was happy for him. After finishing his first workout in 4 years, he didn't require medical attention. That's a win.

The moment we finished, Jamie pulled up. I'm so glad he did. He brought me a thermometer for my Kegerator. Had he not showed up, I may not have learnt that I didn't plug my Kegerator into the electrical outlet correctly and it wasn't refrigerating.

Making a mistake like that is a big deal. We're talking about potential spoiling $296 worth of beer in one Keg. I was so lucky he showed up when he did. The good news was the beer is okay and the color is perfect. I got a good Keg this time around. It sure is nice having Jamie as a "keg-mentor".

On the racing front, I was tracking Davis's Calgary 70.3 race online and trying to get tweet updates from Simon's ITU World Championship Long Course Race in Germany.

Davis ended up finishing 2nd in the 18 - 24 age group and my fingers are crossed that he'll qualify for Clearwater. This is Davis's first year on the Mark Allen Online program. I was so excited for him and I really hope he gets that slot. I know how hard he's been training and he's really earned it.

I don't know how Simon did, but from his tweets I know it was hard. He took two IVs afterwards. It is a serious distance and big deal Race. It's a 4 km swim, 130 km bike, and 30 km run. Simon is a UK ex-pat who lives in Malaysia. I hope he did well enough that the Queen finally lets him back in the country. Even if it's just to visit.

It's a National Holiday tomorrow in Canada, no work. Tonight should be fun. Alice and I are going to Jamie and Barbs to watch UFC "AND" hopefully John Barclay will be joining us. There's handicapped parking in front of Jamie's house, so he has no excuses.

EASY RIDE - 1:41:00 / 34.68 km / 20.6 kph

Simon is one of the two in the video that got arrested. Can you tell which one? If you chose the shirtless guy, you were right.

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