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Upper body strong, lower body not so much...

Posted Feb 23 2009 12:00am
I thought that within a day of drinking lots of water, my legs would magically get better, which was not the case. I went to the Y tonight and did weights and a swim. I was doing lunges and I normally do it with 80 lbs on my shoulders. I started to do it and my legs were so sore I cut the weight back to 40 lbs, and my legs were still strained. I was shocked. I still can believe how dehydration can make your muscles hurt so much. After the weight session I did a 2500 meter swim. I was real happy with the swim, I feel like I'm back to doing well. The first 100 I did as part of the warm up was 1:38 and I did a 400 at an average pace of 1:45 per 100, then a 500 at 1:44 per 100, then a second 500 in 1:49 per 100. Last Monday I was struggling to keep it under 2:00 per 100. 

The strange thing is that I'm actually starting to enjoy swimming. I'm thinking that I'm going to try and do 8 km / 5 miles per week. This week I plan on putting together my training plan for my first race in June. I've been going through last years training log and trying to figure out the best plan. I wish I was still with Mark Allen, it was much easier just following their plans.

Weights - 30 minutes.
Swim - 50:44 / 2500 meters
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