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Upper body pain, hopefully some gain....

Posted Feb 08 2013 8:58pm
I wake up in the morning, head to the bathroom and catch a look at my upper body in the mirror. Horror. I lost all shoulder and arm shape. How did that happen?

Frankly I know how. I used to swim and do weights regularly and then I stopped. Add on 10 lbs and it really smooths everything out.

Today I was determined to get in the pool. I had some motivation. I bought a waterproof iPod from Underwater Audio . They have figured a way to make iPods water proof. I've tried two other underwater M3P players, both SUCKED. The two that SUCKED were Finis and H2O Audio

I really hate swimming so much that I was prepared to risk $165 to see if this one would work. Here's my review



3. It takes no time to put it on. A problem with the others. You had to wrap those old ones to your goggle straps, normally with those it would take 10 minutes. Then when they fell off or fell out of your ear or cheekbones you had more time wasted. I tried each once or twice and then gave up. I returned one pair and the other is sitting in my drawer. They both suck. To put on the Underwater Audio, 2 - 3 minutes and that's only because it was my first time.

4. It plays music loud - You actually hear music, it's awesome. It's a clear as when I go on a bike ride or run. They give you a bunch of ear pieces, key is finding the right one. I found mine right out of the gate. There was a few times that one ear would get water and I couldn't hear, but the other was working. When I finished a set and was resting, I'd adjust the ear piece and the music was great. For the last 80% of my swim, no problem, just loud crystal clear music. The others I could hardly hear anything except the sound of money leaving my bank account.

5. I swim faster. When a great motivational song comes up I was ripping it. I probably went from 2:00 per 100 yards to 1:59 per 100 yard. Thanks M & M.

6. Easy buttons to change songs, up sound - hell it's an iPod, need I say more.

7. Loud - it's not muffled from the water.

So first off I swam today. It was a pretty decent swim in that it felt okay. Other than a little muscle twinge in the back. Lack of swimming I assumed. Not enough to stop me.

My only faux pas was going to the pool without socks on. There is a major snow storm and the now is at least 8 - 10 inches high and when I stepped out of my car, the snow touching my skin was cold and wet. Doh.

Funny thing, it's a snow storm, which shuts down everything in Ontario. The gym was slow and there was still a few people in the pool. Typical. Triathletes don't get slowed down from training or nor do they miss training from a little snow.

For most of my swim I was the only guy. One guy in when I started, he left, then another guy in when I was finishing. My hands definitely looked like they were in water. The more you swim the less that wrinkled look you get.

Got home, did some work and then was to go to get an EKG machine the doctor wants me to wear for a couple days. I barely got out of the driveway. I got stuck, but my vast Winnipeg experience of how to rock your vehicle out of snow kicked in. It's a work of art actually. I was envisioning the neighbours watching and being amazed.

About a third of the way to the clinic they called to tell me the guy who was bringing it back was running an hour late. I had to reschedule and turnaround. Did more work.

I was lucky I didn't have to snow blow the driveway, my neighbour John did it. He doesn't have a snowblower and only a shovel. He was starting to shovel and Alice let him know he could use our snowblower. Snowblowers are fun. Man machines. He not only did his, he did our driveway as I worked inside.

At 4 pm I headed to the gym to do some weights. I'm so disgusted with my upper body. I've lost my triathlon physique. It's a shame, I had no idea that would happen or I would have taken better care of myself. It's so hard to get back the shape, it's much easier to keep it.

It was a good day, two training session. My arms hurt, all good. My body is overheating on the sofa as I write this. Finished work at 8:55 pm today. Hopefully. I need to turn the computer off. Relax.

Good day.

Swim - 1:06:58 / 2478 meters
Weights - 45 min
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