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Two days of EKG rest...

Posted Feb 13 2013 10:21pm 1 Comment

Monday was an off day. Tuesday was a maybe train, then I decided not to. I was wearing a portable EKG, my legs were store, I figured on an extra day of rest could only do the body good and mentally I'd be ready to go today.

I was right.

I took off my EKG this morning and returned it. At noon I had a web ex demo from work. I watched it and did a 2 hour bike ride. What an awesome multi-tasking way to go. It added 2 hours to my day, giving me a 26 hour day. The time also seemed to fly buy. There is something about being forced to watch as demo that makes riding the bike easier. I've always thought that if I could ride my bike on a trainer on the plan on those 5 hour flights I'd have no problem riding for 5 hours.

It was another busy day. What else is new, 833 emails today, receiving and sending. But that didn't stop me from training.

Around 7 pm I was able to break away from work and get out for moderate run, I did 1:17. With the bike today was over a 3 hour training day and a 12 hour work day. Just shows you can work hard and train hard. Mentally I felt great. Other than after the run I came home with two issues. The first is my sweat smells like pee, and two, I had a mini bonk going on.

I did have a mishap today. I had a package come to the house and I cut my thumb with the knife. In years I haven't cut myself opening packages, get blood clots, take blood thinners and then you start getting careless. A week or so ago I cut my thumb open with the cheese grater and now the knife. The blood thinners are definitely working. I bled like a crazy man, it wouldn't stop very easily for a not so big cut.

Work was great today as well, it was a huge sales day and I mean huge. Things are really starting to rock and roll. I'm loving it and everyone on the team is working super hard. I did a report the other day and last February there was just 2 of us, Bill and I and now we have 147 people and I'm going to hire a couple more this week to help me out. I'm loving life, grow baby grow.

Mod Bike - 2:00:10 / 54 km / 27 kph avg
Mod Run - 1:17:25 / 13.33 km / 5:48 per km avg
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