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Swimming short and riding flat...

Posted Jun 11 2008 12:00am

I finally made it to the pool for my first swim in 2 1/2 weeks. I figured today was the day I was going to see if my chest was strong enough to swim. I will say I was a little nervous because I have a race next Friday and I need my chest to be strong enough to compete. If I couldn't swim today, I probably wouldn't be able to swim next week. Plus, I needed to swim to get the "rust" out and build my water confidence.

The swim went semi-okay. I swam fairly slow at around 2:00 per 100 meters, but I could still feel a mild stress on my left chest when I took deep breaths. Although, all in all, I was able to swim. I decided to cut the swim short and instead of doing 3500 meters, I did 2500 meters in an hour. I felt it was best to be safe, stop short, and not risk further injury.

The great thing was that I did not feel tired at all after the swim. During the swim, the first 300 meters was awkward, but after that I started to feel my rhythm.

At 7:00 pm I went for a 90 minute tempo bike ride. I kept the heart rate at or just below 139 bpm and ended up doing just over 50 km and averaged 32.4 kph (Just over 20 mph). The time was my best training tempo ride this year. I could have done better but my legs were very flat, especially at the beginning of the ride. The sides of my quads really felt hard and tight. They just didn't have any "jam".

The other symptom that I'm getting a little run down is that I am starting to get a cold sore. Between the hard training, cocktails and late nights, it is all catching up with me and my body is starting to tell me so.

Before I left, I took a small box of cereal with me. It turns out that a marketing company had put packages of cereal samples on the doors around the neighborhood and Reid and his friend went around and collected a bunch of packages and brought them home. I remember doing stuff like that as a kid. The good thing was that at least he didn't do it anywhere near our house.
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