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Swim, Bike and Pack...

Posted May 13 2008 12:00am

Today is the last day before we leave to Florida. I can't believe it. I started my training program on January 11th and now we are 5 days away from the race. Time has just flown by and I've never trained so hard or consistently in my whole life.

I was up early and in the pool by 7:00 am to do a 2000 meter swim, moderate speed. It only took me 43 minutes, I'm not used to such a short swim. I tried my new non prescription goggles that I'm going to race in. They worked good, the eye rubber is so soft, it doesn't even feel like your wearing goggles.

At lunch time I got a call from my buddy John, who told me CNN had reported last night that a truck transporting alligators tipped over near Disney and the gators got loose.

Disney decided to cancel the swim portion of the race because they could not guarantee the alligators didn't get in the water, so the race was only going to be changed to a bike-run duathlon. I couldn't believe it. All those miles of training in the pool for not.

Then after a long while, John fest up that he was kidding. He had me going. He told me he was getting back at me for doing a similar thing to Reid. Man he got me good.

After work, I got on the bike around 6:30 pm and did a 1 hour ride, moderate heart rate, not to exceed 134 bpm. I put in my contacts and used my new sunglasses, the ones I'm going to use for the race, they worked great. I ended up averaging 127 bpm for the entire ride, but I was flying, I averaged 32.6 kph. I couldn't believe it. The ride felt AWESOME!!!

The only downside is that my left hamstring is now a little sore, I'm hoping it's nothing and will be a quick recovery before the race. To help it out, I think I'm going to get a massage on Thursday or Friday.

The balance of the evening was spent packing, hence the late blog entry. I took my time to put my bike in the bike transport box, I wanted to make sure nothing moved around, plus I didn't want to rush and "put my back out", which has happened to me if I'm stressed and rushed. When I finished packing the bike, it was a work of art, everything fit perfectly and securely.

The other good news was that I was able to get the bike box into my Truck if I pulled one of the seats down, this means we won't have to take two cars to the Buffalo Airport, which is a good thing. Alice was very happy. The only thing is that there is not a lot of room left in the truck for luggage, so Alyssa is going to have to pack light, which she is not used to.

The packing went really smooth and the reason is because a week or so ago, I sat down, very relaxed and took my time to make a list of everything I needed, so I wouldn't forget anything. It seems like it worked, no stress, just find the item, pack it and check it off the list. I still have a few more things to do, but the important stuff is packed.

Florida, here come the Paynes!!!
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