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SUPER bowl training day...

Posted Feb 03 2013 8:20pm
Yesterday I was putting my Ironman 70.3 training plan into my calendar. As I added the workouts I thought, "man it's so much more civilized that Ironman training. The longest ride is only 4 hours. Outside 4 hours is fairly easy, inside it's not fun, but palatable.

I also like the fact that I was starting a 12 week program. To train properly you need at least 12 weeks. To me the race is the victory lap, the training is Ironman. Not having to cram for IMNZ changed my mental state. I could do it, but why? There would be no victory lap. At least now with training for Wildflower I could have a victory lap and feel good about showing up ready. It will also be a good segway into training for Ironman Mont Tremblant.

On the schedule today was a 3 hour 30 minute bike ride followed by a 30 minute brick run. Got up, did  some work, ate well before. I didn't want to bonk so I had a little pasta and poached eggs on toast for breakfast and lots of water. This would be my first ride with out a night out at the Pig & Whistle so I was really curious if I was going to bonk, or if the past bonks had to do with hanging out the night before at the P & W.

What amazes me most about a 3.5 hour indoor bike ride is it seems like such a long time. I looked at the clock and started at 12:30 pm, that meant I wouldn't be getting off until 4 pm. Then you think about 4 pm and think, wow, the entire afternoon will be done by the time I finish my training. It will then be time for dinner. Just thinking about it almost psyches you out before you get started.

The ride wasn't that bad. I watched a documentary on the billionaires who live at 740 park avenue and basically run the world. It was interesting. Then it was onto juggling between other movies. I was watching hulu, even though we don't get it in Canada. I love hot spot, it blocks your IP and lets you watch quality American TV.

Eventually to get me through the rough spot at around the 2:40 mark, I watched Steve Jobs Stanford speech and other Steve Jobs videos. I love watching his videos, quality advice and insight. I love how he ran apple like a start up, it's the biggest start up.

Once I got past the 3 hour mark, I knew I'd get 3:30. I also didn't go crazy hard. I did heart rate training and kept it between 125 - 130 for most all of the ride. To mix it up I put the bike in the hardest gear and push hard on the pedals with a low cadence. Simon says this was the key to his success in building speed. In the end, good or bad, I didn't care so long as my heart rate was in the zone. Also, my bike computer battery needs replacing so I don't know my speed or cadence. There is a bliss to not knowing.

After the bike I had a brick run, in the cold. Oh how so easy it would have been to bail on the run. But I didn't. It's been a long time since I did a brick run and bailing would be the easy thing to do. Instead I had to change all my clothes, dry off and hit the outdoors with wet hair and a bit of the chills. It was a little chilly out 28 F / -6 C. It was also a shuffle to keep the heart rate down, a bit of walking. I didn't care, I was out, I was doing my brick and I was only 30 minutes away from calling it a day.

When I got home I needed an ego boost so I didn't rehydrate and went to the scale and weighed in at 195 lbs. Yes. I don't care it's dehydration, it's still a nice number to see, better than yesterdays 199 lbs.

To celebrate my day and give Alice a break we went out for dinner to Red Lobster, I don't think we've ever been to that restaurant. It was really good. I had Lobster, scallops, and shrimp and butter. Very tasty, probably high in calories, but who cares after 4 hours of training. It's not the meals, it's the snacking. Hopefully not to much snacking tonight watching the Super Bowl Commercials, my favourite part of the Super Bowl.

Mentally I feel better than earlier this week, but my index finger still feels cold. Perhaps its gout? Who knows, I've been abusing my body so much it's hard to say.

There's no greater feeling than having a solid training day, it reminded me of old times.

Long Bike 3:30 / 98 km / 28 kph avg
Brick Run 31:28 / 5.1 km / 6:10 per km avg
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