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Speed work on speed fuel...

Posted Jul 06 2008 12:00am
Today was an easy day. It is the first day of my taper for Saturday's race in Gravenhurst.

Because it was a short training day, I actually did some work around the house. I cleaned the garage and power washed the back deck.

I also had my best game coaching Reid's hockey team, although I cheated. I brought out one of Reid's friends who is a AAA player, for a team one year younger. I told the kid that if he stays with the team and we win the championship, I'll give him $200.

We still ended up losing the game, but only by 4 goals, usually it is 10 plus. I ended up extending my coaching record to a perfect 0 - 9. Reid figures we could get a couple more of his AAA friends, which I'm seriously considering. Even though it is not allowed, who cares, it's only summer 3 on 3 and it's the first and last time I'd ever be coaching. I'd love to go out a winner, even if I need to cheat. I consider it the "bad news bears" technique.

This afternoon we had beautiful weather, with not a cloud in the sky. After my work around the house, Alice and I spent the afternoon in the sun on the deck sipping cocktails. After dinner, we both went down the local school track for my speed work session. During our cocktail conversation, Alice, who was a top high school sprinter with over 20 first place red ribbons to show for it, decided to race me on some of the straights.

My speed work session was to run hard on the straights and jog the curves for 1.5 miles. Alice would then race me on one of the straights and walk back. She ended up beating me 1 out of 3, but always was ahead at the 50 meter point.

It was fun doing speed work after an afternoon of drinking beers and feeling no pain. You can see my "glow" in today's picture. I'm sure not many other triathletes would use my training techniques.
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