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Social Networks

Posted Mar 30 2011 12:51am
Swim.  Bike.  Run.  Post.

It seems to me that more and more people are sharing their multisport experiences online every day.  Between blogging, tweeting, facebook-posting and wuphing, it seems that many of today's athletes spend as much time talking about their workout as they do actually working out.  The question that I want answered is - why?

Accountability?  Perhaps sharing your progress after each run or ride gives you the added incentive to make sure that you put in the miles.  No one can see you if you slow down or start to walk during that tough hill - but if you know they'll see your pace data on facebook then maybe that can keep your feet moving...

Vanity?  There's a difference in sharing your progress and showing off.  Maybe you're driven to impress.  Perhaps you were the kid who told his mom everything he accomplished after every day of school and you've replaced your straight-A report card with tweets like, "15 miles sure seemed tough today - maybe it wuz the blizzard? still kept it around 6:20...time for some acai juice..."

Logistics?  Maybe you don't really care who is reading your info.  Perhaps a quick post on a social network is the simplest form of a training journal available these days?  You can punch in your info from your iphone and have a chronological listing of workouts for the year.

Advertising?  With the amount of sponsors and the rapid expansion of the multisport industry, maybe you want to get in on some of that swag?  Though perhaps you should make it a little less obvious than, "@cepsocks @zoot @2xu feeling a little sore after today's half mary.  i'm willing to try out some compression socks if any1 is interested ;) #sendmefreestuff"

Inspiration?  Are you someone's Lance Armstrong?  Maybe your mom or your sister or your kids see the work you put in and it gives them that extra push to chase down their dreams and beat them into submission.  Post on. 

Significance?  Maybe that run is the only interesting thing you did today and you feel the need to share it.  If you didn't your facebook status might read, "worked another 11hr day.  more traffic on the way home.  sweet."  Most of us can relate.

Or maybe it's something completely different?  The truth is that the reason for sharing is probably different for everyone; falling somewhere between self-righteousness and self sacrifice.  Do you share every mile of your journey with the world?  Do you enjoy watching other peoples'?  Or do post-workout posts rank right up there with what-I'm-eating-for-lunch updates?
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