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Running in a winter wonderland...

Posted Jan 07 2009 12:00am

Toronto is a world class City in virtually every respect except when it snows. A little snow fall and everyone acts like babies. Without a word of a lie, I've seen them tell students not to come in tomorrow because the weather man says it may snow. Truthfully, I think they just want snow days. Coming from Winnipeg I laugh at what they call a snow storm. Today was no different, it snows a little and everyone gets into a lather. The good think about it snowing was that on my run I got the sidewalks all to myself. No people, no dogs. On my snowy, sand like run I realized that it has been a long time since I've had an injury. When I started getting back into shape I was injured all the time. I think with all the training and especially the weight training and extensive stretching after each workout I've turned back the hands of time on my body. I actually feel that my body is now has the strength and flexibility of a 20 year old. As a matter of fact this Christmas I challenged my 15 year old weight training nephew and my best friends 17 year old son, who plays in the WHL with 21 year olds and is going into the NHL draft this year (he's all muscle and trains all the time), to a push up contest. Now of course I had a few beers before hand (which is my spinach), but that didn't matter, I beat them both. What I didn't tell them was that I had been planning and training a little for this contest for some time. They thought it was spontaneous and that they just got wasted by a 43 year old. Ha, Ha.

Tempo Run: 40:26 / 5.08 miles / 7:57 pace
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