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Riding, Riding, Riding and a Swim....

Posted Jan 26 2008 12:00am

Today was my long bike ride, 3 hours, followed by a 2500 meter swim.

It's a good thing I started early. I was up early to watch Reid's hockey game at 7 am. I wasn't looking forward to 3 hours on a bike indoors on a wind trainer, but by 9 am I was on the bike.

The first 2 hours was fairly tough. With me getting in better shape, I need to push more wattage to keep my heart rate up and this caused my legs to get sore early in the ride. For today's ride my heart rate was to be between 119 - 134 bpm.

After hour two, for some reason my legs started to get stronger, or the endorphins were high enough to mask the pain. In either event, by the end of the ride I was getting dehydrated and tired. The amount of sweating I did during the ride was incredible.

I had Alice get me more water and an Heed Electrolyte drink. She couldn't get back fast enough. With 15 minutes before my ride ended I downed two full water bottles.

I finished at noon, stretched, had lunch and went to Cedar Springs for my swim. The swim was easy, I felt real good afterwards. I felt like I had a good workout today, the legs are healthy sore, but not painful. In terms of getting a membership at Cedar Springs? No way! For so many reasons.

I made a deal with Reid earlier this week regarding our diet, er lifestyle, as I like to tell him. I told him that we would each be allowed one day a week that we could eat anything we wanted and we agreed it would be every Saturday, starting today.

For lunch he went to McDonald's, his last visit was July 2007. I decided to eat Carmel popcorn from Kernels and have KFC Chicken for dinner, it has been well over a year since I've had KFC.

I took my time eating, for three pieces of chicken, fries, gravy, coleslaw and potato salad, I savored it for close to an hour. Every morsel was eaten, down to the bone. It tasted so good!

Now that I'm done updating my blog, I'm going to relax, have some beer and chill...

I feel good.
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