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Only 24 hours, but pulling back the momentum...

Posted Feb 07 2013 1:06pm
Wednesday was a crazy day. These day's it's averaging about 12.5hour per day, working through lunch. The hours are not a problem and with a strong mental state training and working those sort of hours are not a problem. I've actually been on a role since February 2nd, when I started to "get my shit together".

Wednesday also had some emotion on one issue, something I wasn't happy about and needed to get off my chest and resolving. The type of situation that is demotivating. When you are demotivated, you get defocused and the next thing you know I didn't have the mental "umph" to get out the door and train.

Yesterday morning I was lying in bed after waking up. I was still de-motivated. It would have been so easy to blow off todays training. Instead I stepped back in my mind and gather perspective. I can dwell on the situation and let it continue to control my actions, use it as an excuse, or just get back on the horse and do it. It took about 10 minutes, then I was ready and went downstairs and blasted an hour out on the bike.

It was another 13.5 hour work day yesterday. I trained in the morning, then at 9 pm I headed out for my second workout of the day, a 50 minute tempo run, and I use that word loosely. Had I not been wearing a GPS to tell me my pace, I would have thought I was doing 5:15 type km pace, instead it was near 6:00 km pace. Frankly I didn't care, I got it done and I enjoyed it. It cleared my head and mentally I started the day questioning whether I was even going to train, to knocking two workouts out. Winning.

I"m also doing well on the diet. I'm down at least 3 lbs from February 2nd, probably more. I'm 196 lbs. I do know that a couple weeks ago I was about 200 or 202 lbs, I can't recall because I repressed it from my memory. I still look in the mirror and see my belly and non existent shoulders and think, how did I let myself go. I'm such a women.

Still very much committed to eating well. I've had the occasional potato chip snacks but that's either after a session or just before, I justify it like Carbo loading. No beer though. I'm in the momentum wave, the longer you go eating better and not drinking beer, the easier it is to maintain.

Yesterday I also went to the dentist. It's been about 2 years since I had my teeth cleaned. For the last little while I noticed they were getting yellowish. I hate that. I've already started whitening them. Now it was a cleaning. I definitely got my monies worth, she was working like a dog. When I was done, all my gums were bleeding and she told me that without cleaning I got gingivitis and if I take care of them moving forward the gums could be repaired. Nothing like fear to get you flossing. Something I've never done.

Also, finally, I got my underwater ipod for swimming. It's waterproof. This is the third brand I've bought. The first two didn't work. Hopefully third time is a charm, I'd love to be able to swim with music playing.

Tempo Bike - 1:00 / 29 km / 29 kph
Tempo Run - 54:51 / 9.2 km / 5:57 per km pace.

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