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One long run...

Posted Jan 27 2013 7:15pm

I woke up at noon, it was another late night at the Pig & Whistle. Too much fun. Life is good.

My plan for today was my long run. I didn't know how far I'd go, I figured it would be around 2.5 hours. I wasn't highly motivated to get out and run. I did one thing right, I got out of bed and immediately put my running clothes on, that always helps.

Before I went on my run I wanted to make sure I was well hydrated. After nights in the P & W it's easy to get dehydrated and when your dehydrated your calves can cramp easily. I've been there. I also wanted to make sure I ate and got some energy in me. Poached eggs, my current regular daily meal. I wasn't taking any water with me so I also wanted to make sure I drank a lot beforehand.

To be safe, I put some band aids on my nipples. After last weeks 2 hour run they were getting rubbed to soreness. It was just a precaution unless I wanted to go longer. There's no worse feeling that having your nipples rubbing raw and having an hour left till you get home. I also put my new elastic laces on my shoes. I've had all kinds of different brands, these ones are excellent.

The weather wasn't too bad, it was -4 C, but there was a dampness in the air. That and only having one short sleeved shirt on under my jacket made the run a little chilly.

I started running and I was hurting from the weight training. It was my buttocks and biceps that were feeling the pain. I knew to keep going as the endorphins will eventually kick in and the pain will be unnoticeable, which eventually happened.

The first 2 km of the run was faster than expected, I was around a 5:08 per km pace. I did know it was going to be a slow run. Right from the beginning my heart rate was high and I knew I'd be shuffling and walking to keep it low, which is what happened. I did lots of walking and most of the run was a shuffle.

As I got going I made the decision to do at least a 2.5 hour run. When I got to that point I decided to go for a 3 hour run. It's definitely something needed if I want to keep my IMNZ dream alive. It's also a good test. Two weeks ago my legs were sore during a 10 km run. The muscle memory has been kicking in and they feel like old times, strong.

The one thing about doing an out and back run is once you get to that halfway point, which for me was 15 km, you're committed to finish, no choice if you want to get home. For the last 7 km it was tough to keep the heart rate under 140 bpm. Lots of walking. I was also feeling my lungs bothering me.

Normally I probably won't even notice it or care, I'd just think it was from going long. But after coming down with blood clots I wonder if I'm going to die during the run, or after. It's a very real concern. I feel like I'm on borrowed time and any day, wham, a clot could hit me and I'd be dead. It's a scary feeling. Even when I got home, I was coughing and got the chills and wasn't feeling to good. More worry. You don't know if it's real or phantom concerns that are all in my head.

I did want to get on the scale after my run before I hydrated. I can hardly wait until I get back down to the sub 190 lbs. Right after the run I'm 194.8 lbs. Which means I'm probably 196 - 198 lbs. Wow is that high, it all happened within a 2 - 3 week period.

I'm not sure if I was semi bonking after the run or physically sore. After each workout I've been taking whey protein and after longer rides and runs I take Recoverite. It's going to be interesting to see how I feel tomorrow. After today's training session I was having trouble walking up and down the stairs.

Before I went for my run I saw a post on facebook about an water proof iPod and ear phones for swimming. It's from underwater audio. I've tried the other two brands, neither worked. I figured what the heck and bought it. I'd love to be able to find a product that would allow me to listen music while I swim. Anything to make swimming more enjoyable I'm in for.

Long Run - 3:11:33 / 30.16 km / 6:20 per min km
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