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New year. New blog. New focus.

Posted Dec 30 2009 11:27pm

"For last year's words belong to last year's language and next year's words await another voice."
-T.S. Eliot

The new year is a time for contemplation. A chance to look back at where we've come from in the last 365 days and and where we hope to go in the next. It is a time for course corrections and improvements - some that stay with us for life and some that are forgotten before Valentine's Day.
A good pilot always looks back and evaluates what has least Viper told Maverick something like that in Top Gun.
So as i look back at 2009 and try to find my specific area of improvement "time" is the word that comes to mind. Not in the cliche sense of "time management" (if anything I err on the uncommon side of punctuality and find myself annoyingly early more often than not), but in the sense that I feel like I treaded water for more of 2009 than I'd like to admit. I killed time, sometimes focused on things that were months and months away, sometimes with little focus at all, and sometimes so focused on one specific thing that everything else fell far along the wayside.
So with that in mind, the other word that comes to mind is "balance." I've been susceptible to "kicks" ever since I can remember. As a kid I held a passionate desire to be whatever the hero of the last movie I saw was. (It's tough to go from dreaming of being a Jedi, to a singing mouse, to a kid from California who learns karate from an old janitor.) My one track mind was and can still be a sucker for advertising. I tend to throw myself completely into my latest obsession, often letting it define me more than I realize.
So this year is a return to balance. A return to not being defined by labels, except that of "Christian."
So with that, I plan on blogging a little more (about everything, not just swimbikerunning), obsessing a little less, relaxing every day and enjoying every minute.
Happy 2010.

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