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My nose is running and so am I...

Posted Feb 28 2009 12:00am

I love waking up on a Saturday morning when no one else is awake. Today was one of those days. It was so peaceful making my smoothie, coffee and reading the paper from front to back. I had the house to myself for about an hour and a half. It was nice. We were busy for most of the day. I had to run all kinds of errands. Alice and I must have stopped at a dozen places. As we were going in and out of places I would try a little run from the car to the door and vise versa just to test out the calf. The good thing was that there was no pain from running, so I decided that when we got home I was going to go for a run and put it to the test. 

I got ready and put on my red toque, then I got a bad vibe, that the red would bring me bad luck, so I followed my intuition and put on my green one. Just to be safe. I started running and it seemed okay. At first I was going to do just a 30 minute run, but when I got to the 30 minute point I decided to go for 45 minutes, then when I got to 45 minutes, I decided to go for an hour, and then I became like Forest Gump, I just kept running. By the time I was done I ran for over an hour and a half. At times, I couldn't even feel the calf problem, my only discomfort was my ears from the cold. I didn't realize it was -15 C and should have taken my toque with the ear covers. 

It turns out that I could have run the Chili Half Marathon after all. But I'm still glad I didn't because I would have pushed hard and who knows what would have happened. Tonight is going to be some more relaxation around the bar. I love getting all my training done before the sun goes down. Today was a great day, even though I have a mild cold and a runny nose. Looks like I'm back on track.

Long Run - 1:32:02 / 11.23 miles / 8:11 pace / HR max 144 bpm.
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