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I turned that frown upside down...

Posted Feb 04 2013 11:03pm
Monday's are crazy days. Today I was thinking "I don't like Monday's" and was thinking about that song from the Boomtown Rats - I don't like Monday.

Problem is I do like Mondays, they are just hard. Nothing but meetings to kick the week off. From 10 am this morning until 6:30 pm I had nothing but 30 - 60 minute meetings back to back. I had to catch myself a couple times says "I don't like Monday's", because negative energy brings negative thoughts.

The reality is, I do love Mondays, it's just that they are hard. I call them Meeting Mondays.

The day was hard, it was back to back to back stuff. I went hard from 8 am - 6:30 pm with no break. That's a 12.5 hour day and if I didn't turn the email and Skype off, it would have just kept going. As I sat in my office I thought it would be so easy to go down to the Pig & Whistle and decompress. Then I thought, "hey, remember, you need to get your shit together".

Alice broke it all up, she called me downstairs for dinner. I was brain dead and disappointed that I hadn't done my training for the day. I ate, then flopped on the sofa to decompress and watch a little TV and try not to feel to sorry for myself that I let my work day own my day.

I was lying down and after about 15 minutes I looked at the clock and it was 8:15 pm. My training session planned today was to be 1:45 on the bike. That meant if I started now I wouldn't be done until 10 pm and I go to bed around 11 pm.

As I lay, I got a bit of motivation and the little voice in my head said, "Just get on the bike, even if you do 30 minutes it's better than nothing and at least you've done some training for the day". That's all it took. I went upstairs, got into my cycling shorts pulled on a tee shirt and headed downstairs.

I haven't done many rides at night and in a way it was cool. I was riding in the near dark watching the movie Captain America on my computer. As I rode I was thinking, "if I ever become homeless, I need two things and I'll be happy...I nice box to live in, and a mac laptop.

I've never ridden to a epic super hero movie, it was great. Before I knew it, 1 hour was done and damn if I was going to quit before I got my 1:45 in. My work day wasn't going to own me, I was going to own my day.

As I rode it felt like old times, when I had Iron will and Iron discipline. I felt like a winner. I took a night that could have been me regretting that I didn't train today and that it sucks missing a day after such a good day on, f#ck that, the day ain't over until I go to bed.

I got off the bike and I think my first words were 'F#cken A' along with a fist pump, and "you owned it". I came upstairs feeling like a new man. It was like it was a new day. I really needed it because I have an all day meeting from 8 am - 5 pm and if I did nothing tonight it would just carry into having no time for myself tomorrow. Today's workout wasn't a chore, it was taking back some time for me. It was my reset and relaxation.

The day did start of on a positive note. I stepped on the scale at 197.8 lbs. I was down about 2 lbs. It's a start. I wrote down the weight, to compare weekly. The last time I wrote it down was in July when I left for Ironman Roth and I was 185 lbs. It's amazing what a difference 6 months can make.

All and all, I've got to say, today was a major "F#cken" win. To go from 3.5 hours left in the night until tomorrow and pulling out a 1:45 ride is an awesome feeling. It's a feeling money can't buy.

Dodged a bullet and made it happen.

1:45:10 / 49 km / 28 kph avg
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