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I'm wired, literally....

Posted Feb 11 2013 11:02pm 1 Comment

Up early this morning, I had to get wired with a portable EKG machine. I didn't realize until I got there I've got to wear it for 48 hours, I can't shower and one person said I should not sweat because the sensors will fall off, then another said it's okay. What to do?

It was an easy decision, I'm going to do both. My body is feeling really sore from training this past week that taking today off is a good move, only good can come of it. My body will be stronger and I'll go even harder during my next training sessions.

When I was getting wired up the girl asked if I was an athlete, my resting heart rate was down to 43 bpm. That's a nice number to see. It shows me that I'm making progress. I proudly said, "yes, but I'm trying to lose 10 lbs". Like I had to justify it to a 20 something year old. I did get one compliment from the receptionist that after seeing my age on my health card, said I look good for my age. I'll take it. Although I did want to say, "just wait until I lose 10 lbs". Man, I'm obsessed over these 10 lbs.

It was a busy day today. It's tough to stop. After dinner Alice and I went to the movie Lincoln. It was a real test, do I eat popcorn or not. It was a compromise. I ordered the small popcorn, which was a first.

The movie was good - okay. I'd give it a 6 on 10. We were the youngest in the theatre. I saw one person parked their walker and is was a sea of silver-grey in the audience. I'm sure some we near alive when this all happened. It was really telling when after the movie, we were at near the top of the theatre and we were the first to get out the door. Some of the old people I saw crying at the end.

Today was an all round good day. Lots of stuff is falling into place. I wish there was more hours in the day, mentally I'm getting to a good place. I wished I didn't have meetings all day, it was so nice out 6 C that I would have went for an hour bike, even though I didn't need it.

Weighted in today at 196.8 lbs. BUT, that's with lots of muscle growth. Now with a strict diet and working out I'd say within 3 weeks I'll be back to 188 lbs.

On way back from the theatre I just happened to glance at my speedometer and had to stop the car to take a picture, it was 177,177 km's. It read like two "m"'s. Only a once in a lifetime event.

Yesterday it was funny. Reid's friends found a video of him lip syncing to music when we was 13 or 14 and was a lot heavier. At first it didn't bother him, he thought just one or two friend saw it. Then there was 21 likes and people were telling him things like "I couldn't stop laughing". Not cool at 16. He asked me to go through all the videos I have of him on YouTube and make them private. For him I did. Alyssa and Alice where telling him they are funny videos and girls like funny. He wasn't going for it.

No Training - Rest Day.
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