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I'm in a much better place...

Posted Feb 05 2013 11:18pm
I'm turning the corner mentally. Major growth. It's amazing how life works, it's not a slow gradual learning curve, sometimes it just an explosion. Universes and galaxies are created from explosions.

Mentally I've had a explosion of insight. I'm in a stronger mental place than I have been for a long time. I've got a level of grounding around my new environment that I hadn't had previously. It's been a series of events over the last few weeks that has gotten me there and now I swear my new window by which I'm thinking is hardwired into my brain. 

The first of the explosion started last night at 8:30 pm when I jumped on the bike and did a 1:45 hour ride and won. I had a mantra that I started to use, "PAGOM", and it worked, and I felt so great after.

This morning I woke up at 6:30 am. I had a full day meeting start at 8 am. There was a spark and the next thing I know I was out the door and did over an hour long run. I knew it was best to get it out of the way, early. It was like old times, it felt right. It was also the first time in a long time that I listened to Howard Stern. 

Getting going it was cold. I was actually surprised how cold I was. I'm a great cold weather runner. I've run in -30 C on a regular basis in the past, no problem. It took a while for the body to warm up on me. 

Happiness is a state of mind and I understand that now more than ever. 

This past year has been the transition into the next realm, with Bill and I officially kicking off this new venture in February 2012. It was just two of us on the business side. Now fast forward 12 months and when you add our sales team, internal staff and development folks we are well over 100 people strong and I predict it will be at least 300 plus people by the end of this year. Crazy, awesome growth and we're just getting started. 

I was watching PBS today about the beginning of Silicon Valley and how it got it's name. It was a great documentary and the timing was incredibly perfect. I've always felt a kinship as a kid to California and in my mind my California was Northern California, the innovation and American dream. As a young person I'd often thought of moving to California and pursuing my dream.

Now I'm here. Leading a Silicon Valley start up division and revolutionizing the Yearbook Industry. It feels so natural. There is no baggage, no legacy, no history and no restrictions. And I'm working with a great group of people at every level who are all incredibly talented, thoughtful, smart and hardworking. As much as I'm leading the charge, I feel part of a special team / time that we'll all look back on in the future with fond memories. And I won't lie, I love being the old crazy guy. 

Tonight I was bagged. Doing near 3 hours of training in 12 hours tired me out. Nothing like a early evening snooze to revitalize. 

Photo of the day is a gift I got this Christmas that I forgot to mention. I got a package before Christmas from Sully (David O'Sullivan), my bro from Nashville. He sent me this beautiful Oakley Sunglasses kit. I had Al / JJ at my place for meetings when they came and I was blown away. They figured wow, this guy is nuts, why would he spend so much money on YOU? I truthfully was a little freaked out until I did some google searches and found out they cost $30 and came from China. Not that I care, it's the thought that counts. I was most impressed that they can even sell so much stuff for $30. It's crazy. There has got to be $30 worth of raw materials in this package. Either way...Thanks Sully!!! Lifetime free entry to the House of Payne Beer run if you ever travel up North for it. 

Mod Run - 1:11:05 / 12.69 km / 5:36 per km avg

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