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I'm getting better...I had my first Beer!

Posted Nov 30 2007 12:00am

My throat is feeling 4 on 10.

Now it only feels like I have some open sores on my back gums, I smoked 10 cigars, and was yelling at rock concert in a drunken state the night before. It's a major improvement!

It took me a while, and I had to cover parts of my right side of my throat with my tongue, it was a little painful, but I was able to slowly drink a beer and watch Reid's power skating lessons. It didn't taste that refreshing, but it's a start.

For dinner, I still had ice cream, but I had a lot more than I usually do and ate it a lot faster. It was symbolic, I finished off the last 1/2 litre. That's it for me and the ice more.

I don't want to get to cocky, but my logic is that if I can eat, I can train. After all, the doctor just wanted to give the mouth enough time to heal so it wouldn't break open and start bleeding. So I figure, if I can eat, it won't break open. I'm not yet eating a regular meal, although over an hour and a half at my desk, I was able to eat a bowl of rice and chicken.

I'm still tired. While watching ""Kenny vs. Spenny" on TV, I dozed off and had my evening nap ( from the pain and sugar overload). I just woke and I'm looking forward to tomorrow. If I improve to 5 on 10 and I can drink water easily, I'm riding my bike, maybe some light weights.

From now on, no more pain killers. I don't think I'll need them anymore and they cause major constipation.

I'm getting very close to being back BABY!!! My daughter says she lost a lot of her muscle during her recovery period and she was sore after her early workouts. least I have something to look forward to :)
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