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I got killed by my son, it was fun...

Posted Apr 28 2009 12:00am
I still can't believe I got side swiped and hit by the mirror of a truck yesterday. If I didn't have to train tonight I was going to go drive to the place I got hit, park nearby and do some surveillance between 6:30 - 7:30 pm. I was hit around 7:10 pm and figured this may be the persons regular route home and maybe I could catch them. I think I'm going to do it on Thursday evening and Reid says he wants to join me. Like any 12 year old, Reid loves the idea of doing private detective or spy work. It could be fun with just the two of us scoping out trucks and I'm sure it will be a good father son moment. I also have a feeling that I am going to spot this truck, eventually.

I'm really looking forward to dropping some weight. Yesterday it was 28 C and I wore my triathlon top for my ride. When you put on a triathlon top it is so tight fitting you can't hide anything and I noticed some "love handles" that weren't there last year. Today I weighted in at 183.4 lbs at 22.1 % BMI, last year on this exact date I was 178.2 at 19.5% BMI. Although I do have to keep reminding myself that I started my race training a month later this year and in a month from now I should be down 5 lbs. My real goal is to be in the low 170's before my first Triathlon Race on June 13th.

I'm committed to losing weight, since April 13th I've only had 3 beers and haven't had any beers for the past two weekends, which is a record for me. I put myself on a 19 day challenge to eat well and not drink until after the Mississauga Half Marathon on May 10th. I'm also going back and forth with a guy from Ireland who is my size and also wants to drop some weight. We are just in the process of establishing the rules of our contest and hopefully it will help each of us stay focused and motivated.

I did my weights at lunch and my plan was to have a nap after dinner before I went for my run, but that was foiled by Reid. He is doing his next movie and wanted me to be one of his actors. He needed me to take a knife to the head and die, just like in the movie the "Matrix". Being the good and loving father I am, I let him kill me. 

Power Weights - 45 minutes
Mod Run - 1:10:02 / 8.75 miles / 8:00 pace / 132 avg hr

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