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I finally got a final plan...

Posted Dec 16 2008 12:00am

I hate to keep complaining but getting up early is killing me. Because I don't want to sleep in, I'm sleeping very light. It's a good thing this is the off season or my body / mind would have no time to recover. Tonight was a light tempo running session, which was good because it gave me some time to work with Luis from Mark Allen Online and determine my training plan and race schedule for this upcoming season. It looks good, makes sense, and I think the days I decided to do specific workout's on will be better than last year. No multiple workout sessions on Friday's, Saturday's or Sunday's this year. All the multiples are going to be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. It was very gratifying to finish the plan. I also found out that Jamie registered for Ironman UK which is great, I have someone I train long with.

 I ended up canceling my Ironman tattoo appointment in January. Something just didn't feel right about the artist and I'm now not sure if I even want one at all. I never see any of the pro's with tattoo's. I have my tiny Canadian Maple Leaf on my ankle from 20 years ago, it's subtle and I think "classy". Right now the only place I'd get an Ironman Tattoo is on my "butt" cheek, where only I could see it as a reminder and motivator. Who knows maybe I'll end up getting one there. My run tonight started with clear sky's and within 15 minutes everything was covered in a light, slippery snow. I almost wiped out twice. I guess this is a sign of things to come when we head to Winterpeg for Christmas.

Tempo Run - 30:39 /4.15 miles / 7:23 pace

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