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I already miss blogging...

Posted Nov 03 2010 8:59pm
I went for a run today and was wondering if I was being too hasty and could figure out a way to post on the blog daily AND do what I have to career, family and triathlon lifestyle wise.

Personally, I like blogging, I enjoy the benefits I get from blogging and after posting virtually everyday for the last 3 years, it hurts to think of it not being part of my day.

The problem is I'm an all or nothing person, I'd rather post daily or shut down the blog completely.

I'm glad I let everyone know "not to expect daily blog posts", yet I don't want to become disconnected from the great group of people I've met and will meet through the blog.

During today's run I thought, maybe I can "do it all" if I write the blog differently. Maybe shorter posts, less of a daily diary, more on a specific element or challenge I'm dealing with. Perhaps more photos and video? Or turning off or not responding to comments? Or setting a fixed amount of time to blog and not exceed it? Or not proof reading it as closely? I don't know.

I just know I'm having "anti-blogging shakes" and as much as I know I need to free up the time I spend blogging, it doesn't feel natural to not blog regularly and stay connected with my blog buddies.

I had a lengthy discussion with Alice about it last night and she doesn't know what I should do, ultimately it's my decision.

She was happy when she heard I was thinking of not posting regularly, she's a very private person and has felt that others know too much about our life and that realizing the Kona dream is a natural ending to the blog.

In a weird way I want to stop blogging, I'm curious to see how my life would feel in cutting off the connection I've had to the blogger-sphere for the last three years, to go back to being a private person. Maybe I stop for a month and see how it feels?

Do I continue to blog regularly until the end of November, albeit shorter and perhaps differently or not feeling guilty if I miss a day or two and even then I'm not sure.

Waiting until the end of November would complete the full year of posts and in that time it would give me more time to be certain and at peace about my final decision.

I still don't know what to do? I'm not even sure if I should have posted this post or let it go and stayed with my plan to start the next phase of my life Journey.

What would you do if you were me?

Mod Run - 1:02:14 /12.75 km / 5:05 pace / 141 avg hr.

October Monthly Totals
Swim - 8.9 km / 5.51 miles
Bike - 409.01 km / 253.58 miles
Run - 147.68 km / 108.30 miles
Total - 565.59 km / 350.67 miles
Calories Burnt - 28,710

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