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Happy Fathers day, long run day...

Posted Jun 15 2008 12:00am

I woke up sick. I got to bed late last night and before I got to bed I ate a bag of peanuts. This morning all I could taste was the peanuts and I was sweating and felt like I had heat stroke.

I ended up sleeping most of the morning on the couch and drinking water. It was a fairly hot day today and I was also waiting until it cooled down a bit. At 2:00 pm, feeling a little better, I went out for my run. I was a little worried because of my stomach and my left calf a little tender.

I did a 2 hour and 40 minute run in 85 F heat, it was a good thing there was good wind. I ended up running 18.17 miles at a 8:48 pace. The run was hard and my legs were sore. I knew before I left the house that this was going to be a challenging run. During the run, a few times I wanted to walk, it started to bring back memories of what the Ironman run is like. That is exactly how I felt. I had to push myself for every mile.

One good thing from the run was that I finished without walking and that it motivated me to train because I really don't want to feel this way during the Ironman. Another other good thing was that my calf held up and actually started to feel better by the end of the run.

Afterwards I was tired and ended up napping for a little over an hour. I'm glad I finished this week, it was one of the toughest in a while. My totals for the week are as follows
Swim - 4.34 miles
Bike - 176.42 miles
Run - 39.49 miles
Weights - 1.5 hours

I had Alice take a fathers day picture, we had to wake Reid up, he looks so happy!
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