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God has a plan for me...

Posted Jan 17 2009 12:00am
I don't believe in God, at least not in the religious sense of the word. But today, God had a plan for  me. I started my long run and it was about 8:30 am and I decided to run diagonally through a cross section. I looked too both sides, and in front and started the run. Once I got to the other side I realized that I did not look behind me. It was on Walkers Line, a super busy street. When I crossed it is usually so busy I should have been hit by a car. I crossed and realized after the fact that I didn't look behind me. For me not to be hit by a car is a miracle, and I'm serious. The plane that landed on the Hudson with all the passengers surviving had a greater chance of survival than me crossing that street. It truly was a miracle that I didn't get killed. I know this sounds a little over the top, but it is true, I'm lucky to be alive. With that said, I had an awesome run, I did over an hour, averaged around a 134 bpm run and ran at a 7:44 pace for an hour and 15 minutes. My head was in the most wonderful place, especially when I realized I was alive after crossing the street. I was finished my training by 9:45 am and was with Alice at the Silante bar in Hamilton by noon. We had a quite a few pints and some great conversation, then we went to Reid's hockey game. The rest of the night was a family night, we stayed in, ordered pizza, watched "Caddy Shack", Reid and I wrestled, he taped me up so I couldn't move,  Alice and I hung around the bar downstairs playing pool and having cocktails, then we topped it off  watching the UFC pay per view with Alyssa. The day wouldn't have been the same if I wasn't so lucky.

Long Run - 1 hour 15 minutes / 9.75 miles/ 7:44 pace
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