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Go figure, my best run in a long time...

Posted Feb 02 2013 11:16pm
I knew I was probably going to have a decent run, or at least I was curious if I was going to have a decent run. Before heading out the door my standing resting heart rate was 53 bpm. It's been a long time since it's been that low.

That was the good new, lower heart rate. The not so good news was standing on the scale at 199 lbs. Ugh..... The worst part is it only took about 3 - 4 weeks to go up 12 lbs. Crazy. My goal now is to get back down to 188 lbs as quickly as possible.

The biggest challenge to over come is lack of self discipline. It seems that if you can get into that self discipline mode it becomes easy to lose weight. I'd rather do an Ironman than sacrifice eating a bag of popcorn at a movie or potato chips from the pantry. Until I am in the middle of the Ironman and then I think "there's got to be a better way to lose weight".

The upside. I'm still wearing the same pair of pants and I haven't yet had to move the belt buckle over one. I can still squeeze it to it's existing spot. But I can't take it one before it's existing spot, not yet anyway.

I've seen these great success stories, Matty O is down 16 lbs in 30 days and Jevon is down about the same in 30 days. I'd like to think if they could do it, I could do it, which is true. It's just a question of how hard to I want to try and do it. Am I willing to play the hunger pangs price for at least 7 days until the momentum kicks in and cheating becomes less and less of a temptation? It is motivating to hear how the others are succeeding.

My last training session before the wheels totally fell off physically and mentally was last Sundays 3 hour plus run. Six days later, after doing nothing because I thought I was going to die, I pushed myself out the door for a run. It was my best in a long time, I averaged a 5:28 per km pace. My 30 km run was a 6:15 or more pace, a shuffle.

This run also hurt a bit, not a lot, but enough that I felt that it was doing some good. The top of my quads were feeling the burn. It dawned on my that that 6 days I was forced to take off was actually helpful in letting my body recover from a couple of hard weeks. Physically I felt better and mentally.

I was eating really well all day, until we went to a movie, "Zero Dark Thirty". Then it was some popcorn and I miss ordered, instead of the small bag I got a regular bag and because we got the combo it came with M & M Almond candies. A huge temptation. I started the movie thinking I'd just have a couple handfuls and put the bag under the seat and ended the movie with eating all the popcorn and most all of the Candies, Alice had the rest. I'm thinking I'm sleeping a lot because my body needs to repair itself to all the abuse I've put on it and trying to get back to a normal state. No beer for the foreseeable future should help.

The movie was about the hunting of Bin Laden. The more I watch these military movies the more respect I have for the military technological ingenuity and the people. As I've gotten older I've come to realize the world can be a nasty place and their are many nasty people out there that have belief systems so different than ours that we will never change those thoughts, unfortunately. I'm amazed at all the military work that goes on behind the scenes to keep the U.S. and Canada safe, stuff we never see and most of us would rather not even see. The military are very much unsung hero's in my mind.

It was a long movie and I was tired and near fell asleep for the first half, but then they did the attach on the Bin Laden complex and I woke right up, that was cool. It seems so realistic and it was probably near real time. The entire raid took about 30 minutes in real life and it was about 30 minutes on the screen. My biggest take away was I figured they "snuck up on them" and it was so quiet that Bin Laden didn't know they were coming. Not the case, it was loud with choppers and even the neighbors where coming out of their house because of the noise. Bin Laden definitely knew "his time was up".

The rest of the night was sleep on the couch and I'm not talking napping. I'm talking sleep where even if you wanted to open your eyes you couldn't. Because of my piggy, mc piggy ways at the theatre, I treated that as my dinner. We got out of the theatre at 6 pm, so it kind of was dinner. One thing is you know your getting old when you're going to the 3 pm showings of movies, even at 47 years old I felt young looking at the others in the theatre.

Not sure if I mentioned it, but I got my hematologist visit to review why I got blood clots. The earliest they could get me in is April 18th, and the nurse told me to expect up to a 3 hours wait in the waiting room. I asked my doctor why so long, isn't it just a blood test? He explained they do a full lifestyle analysis as well, near full day. And that many cancer and luekima patients are much of their patient base.

Last part of my day was getting my half Ironman plan on paper. My next race is Wildflower and it's exactly 12 weeks until the race. It's the perfect time for me to train and build my base. The minimum amount of time you need to prepare for a race correctly is 12 weeks. I just made the cut off. It was nice to see the easier mileage from Ironman training. It should also be a good base building for Ironman Mont Tremblant.

I included a photo of my goal, to get back to my July 2009 - 2009 shape, one of my best years, a PR at 70.3 Clearwater World championships at 4:36 and a time where I had my mojo back before doing 3.75 Ironman's in one year, the year following. As John Barclay put in the 2008 Christmas Card, Anything is Possible. I didn't believe him at the time and he was right. Hopefully I can do it again this time.

Run - 1:00:58 / 11.14 km / 5:28 km avg pace
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