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Feeling like I'm on deaths doorstep...

Posted Jan 28 2013 11:21pm
I woke up feeling the worst I can remember feeling. After yesterday's long run I didn't feel very good and then this morning I woke up feeling terrible. I had no energy and it felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest.

All day it was scary. I was tired. I was melancholy. I had no energy. My legs were sore (but that's a good thing) and I just felt like I could drop dead at any moment. I was scared.

It got slightly better as the day went on. I was wondering what's causing this. Too heavy of training to soon. Too much Pig & Whistle. Both? I just feel like crap.

I hung out with Alice for a while in the Pig &Whistle watching TV. A few beers I felt better. Still not great. I really don't know if I'm going to make it one more year, seriously. Something feels terribly wrong. I'm actually starting to rethink if I'm going to do IMNZ.

My big concern yesterday was my index finger is freezing cold. It's the same sensation I had before I came down with the blood clots. Only time I've ever had that. No matter what I'd do it didn't warm up. Just scared me big time.

I didn't train today. Intentionally. My legs and body was trashed from the last 14 days of training and I needed a break. My arms were still sore from weights that even if I wanted to I don't know if I could swim properly yet.

No Training - Rest Day

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