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Chia Stuff

Posted by Sheree B.

If you are looking for a source for iskiate, the chia drink Chris McDougall talks about in his book, Born to Run, check out Wingfoot Iskiate at

The stuff is great. My favorite is orange but it also comes in (more traditional) lime or lemon. It has definately made a difference in my stamina. 

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I will have to agree with you. Finding all of the ingrediants has been a big hassle. I don't need 15 pounds of chia, that will most likely mold. I tried them and love the way it sneaks water into your body in a way that still feels light. Wingfoot is mine. I even brought it on an airline on the way to Hawaii. I really recommend the coconut juice from a green one to add it to. 
I love the new recipe. I just received a new order that I did not expect. It has way more kick. Chia pet to Chia health. Who would have thought?
Why did you recieve an order you weren't expecting??? Just curious.
The letter said that they had changed some amounts in the recipe, from their own discovery of use. They had received a lot of feed back and wanted to share it with some of their earlier people and I was one!  I had put two packages in my bottle a couple of times, now I like just one. I even called the guy. He asked for my experiences. I have a run next week, and I am feeling pretty strong..... Let's see?   
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