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A triple threat training day...

Posted Feb 10 2013 11:15pm

This week I've had a short wick, lots of F#ck this and F#ck that's. It started one day after my swim this week. Don't know why but swimming tires me for the day unlike biking or running. It's just because I haven't swam in a while I'm sure.

Today I was in the zone and did 6 hours of work. Getting caught up and ready for another busy week.

Around 3 pm, I decided to shutter down and go to the gym. Even though Sunday's are my long run I decided to do some impromptu weights and go for a swim, then run later. I was feeling ambitious. I was feeling my old self.

I blasted the weights. I gave it. I can't remember many if any sessions in the past that I loaded up as much weight as I could and let it burn. I'm determined to get my muscles back. As I worked out I'd look at myself when I was lifting in front of a mirror and for the first time I felt I no longer looked like me. I could see those extra 10 lbs in my face and upper body. The shirt I wore, I haven't worn in a while and I remember it much looser before. I have a paunch now and it shows.

In the end, I don't care. I'm coming back. Sometimes you just have to get so pissed off that it motivates you. This right now isn't me and I'm only 15 lbs away from being in my peak shape. It's coming. Mentally I'm ready.

After the weight training session I was done. I pushed every weight I did hard, upper and lower body. Lower body I pushed some of the heaviest weight I have ever pushed.

Part of me wanted to go for a swim, another part said "no, you got a good upper body workout why bother?" I decided to go. Heck, I have my underwater iPod, it makes swimming so much more enjoyable. I ended up swimming for about 40 minutes.

Jumping in the pool felt so great. My muscles were sore and it was so nice jumping into cool water. Nothing is better for recovery than swimming, and my iPod worked perfect. Swimming is sooooooo much more enjoyable with music. Very tolerable.

Make no mistake, the swim hurt too. It was tough to go fast. However there as a guy beside me in the other lane that I pushed myself to beat. I am no where near fast, I'm swimming 2:00 per 100 yards. All I want is my upper body strength back. I feel like praying "god, if you give me my upper body strength back, I'll never take it for granted again".

I got home, ate, watched 60 minutes and at about 8:30 pm headed out for my long run. It was an uber slow run. A combination of trashing my legs weight lifting and running in the snow. I've never done weights and then run before, it was a first. No matter how much faster I wanted to go, it wasn't possible. The snow was like running on soft sand. I did because I've been told running on grass or sand helps build other muscles in you legs.

It was a slow run, but who cares, my heart rate was in the zone and I didn't once have to stop to let it come down into the zone. I did an out and back, on the way back I ran on the road as much as possible. It was very strange there was hardly any cars on the road.

As I was running I was visualizing the type of shape and what I look like when I was in good shape. I was running old pictures through my mind. I remember the one where I finished a triathlon race, got home and was having a beer on the deck. I'm committed to get back there, finally.

Ate perfect today, no snacking, unless you call a tasty post run chocolate milk and grapefruit snacking.

Weights - 45 min
Swim - 40:48 / 1548 meters
Run - 2:00:30 / 18.04 km / 6:41 per km avg
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