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A better day...

Posted Dec 09 2012 8:53pm

I felt much better today. Mentally more motivated and positive. Up early on a Sunday for me, 9 am. Amazing what no partying does for you. I'm not complaining.

This morning I was going to take it easy and thought of maybe going to the gym for a swim or weights. I really need to start lifting weights to build up my upper body, I've lost my shoulders and biceps. I think Reid has found them, he's now working out with weights. He's got the body of a swimmer. I'm trying to get him back in the pool but he's not interested.

It was a colder day today, about -2C and a little windy. Davis decided he was going to go for a ride and I felt motivated to do one too. We both bundled up and headed out the door. My pace was SLOW. I felt bad holding him up. At about 25 minutes and an average pace of 22 kph, I told him to go ahead. To me there was just no benefit for him hanging with me, I was going way to slow. I've been there before and rode with slow guys and it's not a workout, it's not fair.

He took off and I just kept riding and working to my 120 bpm heart rate maximum. At such a low rate you don't feel like your legs are getting much of a workout. I was wondering if there was even any sort of benefit they were getting.

What normally takes me 1 hour to finish the route I did, it took me 1:22. Even with that, it felt good to get outside and ride. To do 1:22 on the trainer would have been hard. Outside, even in the cold, it goes so much better. I also realized that it's not to cold to ride outside regularly. All I need to do is bundle up.

Davis got back after doing 46 miles and I was so glad when he had a post workout beer. He told me he also bonked at one point. I love the bonk. I look forward to the bonk. It makes everything epic. I could smell the beer as he was drinking it, it was a great smell.

I dropped Davis off at the Go Station and I headed to the medical clinic in Hamilton for an appointment to get an ultra sound. They did a very through job. Not only getting pictures, measuring the heart and then taking recordings of the sound. She played the sounds of each ventricle when she did the testing, very cool. Each had a different sound. They were so loud, sounded just like a machine. Amazing you can't hear them through the body.

At one point she put the devise on my left side and it hurt. It caused a stabbing pain. I noticed the same thing when I was sleeping yesterday. In that position on my side and with pressure it feels like a stabbing pain and is hard to breath. Once the pressure is off it feels fine.

I was also glad to see my resting heart rate was getting back to more normal levels. Lying down I was between 46 - 53 bpm. One good sign.

Rest of the day was eBay. I need to get off it. I'm addicted to buying stuff, primarily beer tap handles. Alice is not impressed, I told her today was my last day. She sees all the paypal transactions in our bank account as she checks it daily. I must say I have some super cool beer taps now. Valuable too. Some I got a great deal on. I'm going to guess I'm up to about $1000 in beer tap handles. I probably have about 50 now.

If I keep going Alice is thinking of putting me on that show "My Shopping Addition". There is just something so cool about buying on eBay. I use Auction Sniper website and it makes it easier to get my stuff as it puts my bid in with 5 seconds to spare.

The Wheat Belly diet is getting tougher and tougher to follow. You can only eat so much meat, cheese and nuts. I will admit my stomach is getting smaller, yet my weight is not. However I did eat Chinese food last night so I might be up due to water retention from the salt.

Throughout the day I've been getting a little lightheaded when I sit up. I think it's from the 70% cocoa chocolate. It must be putting some sugar into my system. I find if I'm not balanced in my system I get light headed.

Tomorrow is my stress test in the morning. Bring short and shoes. I'm curious to see how I do. The last one I had was in 2008 and I was told by the technician that I was probably the fittest person she's tested in 5 years. I doubt that will be the case tomorrow.

Easy Bike Ride - 1:22:05 / 30.18 / 22.1 kph

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