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120 Days to Greatness...

Posted Jan 01 2013 9:34pm

It's been a great Christmas, a blow out Christmas. Lots of pinball, beer and good eating. I've thrown caution to the wind, I bet I'm up 5 - 10 lbs in just the last 10 days. Best part is I don't care, I know it's coming to an end.

I've been setting the date of January 1 as the date I can go crazy until. From that date and for the next 120 days there after I've got some major mountains to climb. The main one is at work with some highly aggressive sales targets. The others are getting ready for Ironman New Zealand in 8 weeks, that's if I end up going and if not, at least getting back in near Ironman shape and getting my weight down.

The beauty of the situation I'm in right now is that there is a finite period of time that I have to make things happen at work. Rarely is one given the opportunity to be part of a highly successful launch and succeed where many others would fail. For some it may be daunting, for me it's a dream come true.

I have a goal, I have a finite period of time to do it, it's just like training for an Ironman. It's not easy, there will be twists and turns, challenges, road bumps, just like training for an Ironman where you have injuries, attitude and other challenges you need to overcome.

To me, this could be the most memorable 120 days of my life on every level, with just one requirement, success. I love it. It's hero or zero.

This Christmas break was work and relaxation, it was nice. Other than draining the kegerator a few days before New Years. The new pinball machine Twilight Zone is great. Jamie and Barb came over for a couple drinks last night, good fun, good laughs and good pinball.

Alice and I did our customary watching of some TV series marathons. We caught up with the last season of Weeds and Mad Men. Alyssa did her Christmas baking. I did work, but it was a nice balance between family and work. I had some good party nights, some good sleep ins. I didn't leave the house much, if at all, I can't remember.

I did go to the doctor to get the results from all my tests. He said that my stress test was good, all was good. I did have an abnormally low heart rate, but that I believe was due to the training. I'm still waiting to get into see the Hematologist to find out the cause. Mr doctor was a little perplexed.

Last night I started my training off wrong. My calf cramped while I slept and when I woke up it felt like it was hit with a baseball bat. Painful. I've had it before, worst thing to do is run on it or over do it. First set back before I even started.

Diet wise I'm on track and whether I can put in the miles right away or not, every day I eat well is a check in the win column. I was thinking that if I'm up 5 - 10 lbs I may be 15 - 20 lbs above my old 180 lb race weight. I'm too afraid to step on the scale. My pants still fit, I haven't lost a buckle size, but I know I can feel better.

I'm not into resolutions. It's like Christmas and Birthday presents, my family says I'm hard to buy for because if I want something I just get it. Same with resolutions, I normally don't wait until the end of the year to make them. But her we are.

In 2012 I learnt a some things.

* I got my work mojo back and am passionate about what I do. I have the energy of a young 20 year old with the wisdom of a 47 year old. I never thought it was possible after selling my old business, I'm blessed.
* I'm having the time of my life and working with a great group of people and only bringing people into my work life that AAA players who want to have fun. Work hard, Play Hard.
* I've learnt that it's possible to lose your Ironman training mojo and then after a while you start wondering how you ever put in all those miles in the past with wonder.
* I've seen others lose their Ironman mojo. It seems to be a cycle. Those you meet when you get into it and they get into it, you train for a few years together and by year 5 you lose the drive.
* I've learnt I can't take my health for granted. It feels that the warranty has run out. Having blood clots was a bit of a scare.
* I've started to feel like I'm older. That kids look at me like I'm older. They call me "Sir" and "Mr Payne". Even though I've always felt like a mature 17 year old inside, I honestly now accept I'm not.
* I've learnt that travelling sucks.
* I've learnt I need to find somewhere warm to go in the winter to train.
* I've learnt I'm lucky to be blessed with a great family, my kids are both doing great, are healthy, trouble free, respectful and Alice is, as always, awesome.
* I've learnt I can take some time off training. I need to get better at this, always amazed by the guys that could just quit cold turkey for 2 or 3 months, just like a real off season.

For 2013 I do have some goals
* To hit all our sales targets and work goals. This is my primary focus this year.
* To get my diet under control. Even though I'm not training as much, just watching my diet will keep me physcially and mentally feeling great. I don't have the excessive amount of exercise to allow me to eat what and when I want.
* No eating past 8 pm.
* To try strike a healthy balance between work, training and relaxing.
* To better manage my health. To do that I need change my lifestyle. This is by far going to be my toughest challenge. When you work as hard as I do, you tend to play just as hard to balance things out. Again, this is going to be my biggest challenge.
* I'd like to say swear less, not really. That aint' going to happen.

I'm looking forward to 2013. The number 13 is my favorite number and has always brought me good luck. When I'd get a racing bib with a 13 or a 1 and 3 on it, it was always a good omen.

This year with my blood clots and health scare I feel very vulnerable. In many ways I feel like a ticking time bomb, you are living on the edge. Everyday could be your last. It's still not something that motivates me to overly change my lifestyle or do things differently with goals and relationships. In a way I wish it was that powerful, then I wouldn't need as much self control and a strong of personal determination.

Here's to a great 2013!

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