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Introduction to Kayaking

Kayaking is an increasingly popular, fun, and exciting outdoor activity. If the sound of raging whitewater sends chills up your spine, or the thought of surfing 5-foot breakers thrills you, then kayaking may be your sport.

River kayaking

Take things slowly at first. Learn safe paddling, get training for all the various scenarios that can happen, and develop the skills that will allow you to tackle increasingly challenging waters.

If you are not both physically and mentally prepared for the experience, whitewater kayaking can be very hazardous! The smart whitewater kayaker practices, prepares, and gets the right equipment before confronting the rapids.

Sea kayaking

Beginners can quickly get the hang of sea kayaking under proper guidance and in calm seas—but it does require a considerable amount of skill for navigating in high seas and inclement weather.

A sea kayak is a wonderfully nimble craft that can take you places no other boat can venture. Day touring models are perfect for the weekend excursions. Larger models allow you to pack supplies for multiday trips and extended voyages.

No matter what your skill and experience level, there are always new tips and tricks to learn, and new places to paddle to.

Choosing a kayak

If you plan to spend most of your time on the ocean or lakes, you may prefer a sea or "touring" kayak. If you are planning to explore the whitewater of plunging rapids, a whitewater or "slalom" kayak will be the one. Or, choose a sit on top model for fishing, or for greater stability with no cockpit to confine you.