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Perhaps It's Just Me

"Is it really possible to have a career in EMS and be emotionally unaffected by the things we see?" This is the question I posed on Twitter a...

Behind Closed Doors

Midnight. The normally quiet residential street is a hive of activity, as busy and bustling as a midday marketplace. People have gathered from all...

War and EMS

This is a post I have written, deleted and rewritten several times. It is a risky post, as it has the potential to delve into political...

Nine Years Ago Today

London, 7/7/2005. I remember, 9 years ago today, that it was my first day off after thirteen shifts in a row.  I remember, 9 years ago...


There are several posts, in fact dozens of them, sitting in the drafts folder, waiting to see the light of day. At times, I sit at the keyboard...

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