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Sleep Apnea May Have Caused Metro North Train Crash by Dr. Steven P., MD Medical Doctor It’s now official: The train engineer from last year’s deadly train derailment was found to have... Read on »
How Often Do You Sleep on the Job? New Study Reveals Shocking Statistics About Work and Sleep by Snoozester .. Patient Expert The Virgin Pulse Institute announced the results today of a sleep study conducted in November 2013... Read on »


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Insomnia is the disturbance of a normal sleep pattern. For example, when you cannot get to sleep or wake up after only a few hours sleep. Sleep is a state of... » Read on
Depending on the type of sleeping problem, symptoms can include: Lying awake for a long time at night before getting to sleep. ... » Read on
The common underlying causes of insomnia can be split into a number of categories. Physical Insomnia can be caused by an... » Read on
Your doctor will ask about your sleeping routines, how much alcohol and caffeine you drink each day and your general lifestyle habits, such as diet and exercise. They... » Read on
The first step is to diagnose any underlying causes and treat the condition. For example, if insomnia is being caused by depression; once the depression is treated, the insomnia will... » Read on

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