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How Anemia Can Be Caused By Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome by Dr. Steven P., MD Medical Doctor I just saw Kim (name changed for privacy), who is a 24 year old graduate student for her recurrent sinus... Read on »
The Most Misunderstood And Often Overlooked Treatment For Sleep Apnea (HINT: It’s NOT CPAP) by Dr. Steven P., MD Medical Doctor John Wooten, UCLA’s legendary basketball coach was a stickler for fundamentals. He looked down on trick... Read on »
11 Tips for Choosing a Good Air Purifier by Dr. Steven P., MD Medical Doctor Allergies are a common reason for causing a stuffy nose. One of my recommendations for patients is to... Read on »


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Insomnia is the disturbance of a normal sleep pattern. For example, when you cannot get to sleep or wake up after only a few hours sleep. Sleep is a state of... » Read on
Depending on the type of sleeping problem, symptoms can include: Lying awake for a long time at night before getting to sleep. ... » Read on
The common underlying causes of insomnia can be split into a number of categories. Physical Insomnia can be caused by an... » Read on
Your doctor will ask about your sleeping routines, how much alcohol and caffeine you drink each day and your general lifestyle habits, such as diet and exercise. They... » Read on
The first step is to diagnose any underlying causes and treat the condition. For example, if insomnia is being caused by depression; once the depression is treated, the insomnia will... » Read on

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