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Does anbody know safe herbs to treat Zyprexa... Does anbody know safe herbs to treat Zyprexa withdrawal for insomnia. I have gone down from 5mg to 2 ...
Jul 19 2011 8:24am
Stopped Seroquel and unable to sleep Came off of  25 mg. a day last Saturday after being on the drug for 10 years, and after a week now I ...
Feb 06 2011 11:29pm
I posted 2 weeks ago, but amazingly enough the withdrawl slash insomnia is gone. I... more
Feb 16 2011 4:17am
Ambien   i have been taking ambien since i am having trouble in sleeping. i have ordered it from www.m ...
Jan 27 2010 9:56am
I also take ambien and bought it also in Ambien makes my day... more
Feb 18 2010 8:29pm
sleep apnea Does sleep apnea cause polycystic ovarain syndrom? I suffer from both and i can't get treatment ...
Feb 25 2009 6:56am
I think I know how you feel.  Every case is different though.  My husband has sleep... more
Jul 21 2010 4:03pm