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VPN Services That Take Your Anonymity Seriously, 2013 Edition

Posted Mar 22 2013 10:18am

Prompted by a  high-profile case of an individual using an ‘anonymous’ VPN that turned out to offer less than expected protection, TorrentFreak decided to ask a selection of VPN companies some tough questions.

With our findings we compiled a  report of providers  that due to their setup were unable to link their outbound IP addresses with user accounts. Ever since we have received countless emails demanding an update.

It’s taken a long time but today we bring the first installment in a series of posts highlighting VPN providers that take privacy seriously. Our first article focuses on anonymity and a later installment will highlight file-sharing aspects and possible limitations  usa vpn account.

We tried to ask direct questions that left providers with little room for maneuver. Providers who didn’t answer our questions directly, didn’t answer at all, or completely failed by logging everything, were simply left out. Sadly this meant that quite a few were disregarded  vpn for usa  vpn.

This year we also asked more questions, which are as follows:

1.  Do you keep ANY logs which would allow you or a 3rd party to match an IP-address and a time stamp to a user of your service? If so, exactly what information do you hold?

2.  Under what jurisdictions does your company operate and under what exact circumstances will you share  buy vpn account  the information you hold with a 3rd party?

3.  In the event you receive a DMCA takedown notice or European equivalent, how are these handled?

4.  Which payment systems do you operate and how are these linked to individual user accounts?

The list of providers is a tiny sample of the thousands out  vpn accounts  there today and is not comprehensive by any means. Providers not covered this time around will be added during the coming weeks. All responses listed below are in the words of the providers themselves and the order of the list does not carry any meaning.


1. We do not keep any logs whatsoever.

2. The jurisdiction is Canada. Since we do not have log files, we have no information to share. We do not communicate with any third parties. The only event we would even communicate with a third-party is if we received a court order. We would then be forced to notify them we have no information. This has not happened yet.

3. We do not have any open incoming ports, so it’s not possible for us to “takedown” any broadcasting content.

4. At the moment we only accept Paypal and Bitcoin. We have plans to accept alternative credit card processing in the near future. 


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