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Treat Insomnia before it’s too late

Posted Dec 15 2012 5:53am

An average human being spend more time in sleeping compared to any other activity in his entire life. Sleep is indeed important as it helps in restoring our mental and physical health. Sleep provides several benefits such as it improves memory, lowers stress, keeps depression away, relaxes and recharges muscle groups and overall body, helps in digestion, improves senses, and a whole bunch of other benefits. Thus when your body is deprived of sleep you are deprived of the various benefits that comes along with it. With prolonged sleeplessness things can worsen causing serious health complications. People suffering from insomnia loses the natural ability to fall asleep at the right time and couldn’t stay asleep continuously for an average of 6 to 8 hours. Below mentioned are the possible symptoms that suggest that you are suffering from insomnia.


  • Inability to fall asleep

  • Waking up in the middle of the night and difficulty going back to sleep

  • Sleepiness throughout the day

  • Headaches

  • Lack of concentration

  • Phases of depression and anxiety before bed time

  • Waking up early in the morning

  • Tired and fatigue

Upon experiencing these symptoms it becomes evident that you are suffering from insomnia and hence you must take all possible steps in order to treat the syndrome. But before attempting to treat the disease you must have some knowledge of the factors responsible for causing the syndrome. Upon knowing the causes behind it, you can effectively treat the illness by putting a check on the factors responsible.


  • One of the primary causes of the disease is stress. Stress can occur in a person’s life from various reasons such as stress at work, relationship problems, breakups, death of a close one, divorce, etc.

  • It can also occur when a person come across a difficult phase in his/her life in the past. For instance a person may suffer from insomnia in the present if he was abused or tortured during his childhood or during teenage years.

  • Experience of a violent attack or accident during childhood can also cause sleep problems in the future.

  • Certain medications contains drugs and chemical agents that disturbs and alters the natural balance of sleep causing sleep related problems. Such drugs and medications include certain types of antidepressants, drugs for cardiac and blood pressure ailments, certain types of pain killers, fat reduction medicines, etc.

  • Drinking too much of tea and coffee can also cause result in sleep abnormalities because caffeine present in both tea and coffee is scientifically proven to kill sleep.

  • Alcohol and smoking can also cause sleeplessness.

  • Environmental changes can also trigger the syndrome. For instance a person who travels frequently into different time zones will have difficulty in sleeping normally.

  • Other factors includes poor sleeping habits, working in night shifts, eating heavy dinners, drinking plenty of water before bed time, etc.


When the symptoms for the ailment remains untreated for a considerable amount of time it can cause severe complications. When a person is completely sleep deprived or sleeps much less compared to an average person, both his physical and mental health is jeopardized. Long term insomnia deteriorates the immune system, cause hypertension, coronary diseases, fatigue, digestive irregularities, heighten ageing process, etc. Hence it must be treated immediately once initial symptoms are visible.


Treatment for insomnia can be divided into 2 parts, first by making certain lifestyle changes and second by following medication. In moderate cases, the disease can be treated by just making certain lifestyle changes while in severe cases patient needs to follow both medication along with improved lifestyle. With proper lifestyle and effective medication insomnia is highly curable.

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