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Seroquel is not a sleep aid

Posted by jimg44

I have a good friend who is like a second Dad. His name is Jim like me and we are both recoveing Alcoholics. Jim hasn't drank alcohol in over 40 yrs. He recently changed Primary care Doctors, because I didn't think he was getting the care he needed. I see him take his daily meds and he has no signs of a drug abuser. He hates pills.

Anyway his previous Doc prescribed him a 200mg Seroquel pill at bedtime to help him sleep. His new Doc. has replaced the dosage to 25mg at bedtime. The whole time he was on the 200mg dose  he learned (probably from the first time) that that dose meant Coma time. So now he is addicted to the drug and it is an anti-Phsycotic. not a sleep aid. My friend is 80 years old and has taken some pretty scary falls due to the effects of this drug. He is scared to death to even try and go to the toilet at night, so he uses a urinal bottle. But he is constantly depressed and I believe that most of his unstable-ness is due to the Seroquel. He will take a 25mg pill at 1am and he will sleep till 5pm the next day if I would let him. He says he just has the hardest time in the world just to get out of bed. So now I make sure he is up by noon time. I think that Seroquel is a bad drug and he hates that he is hooked on the crap. He tried going cold turkey, didn't slepp for 4 nights, then said screw it. Even when he was on the 200mg dose he would just shave off a tiny piece. One pill would last him 20 days. He may have permanent damage from long term use, so he asked me to do some research. Please! Any Suggestions? thanks.....JimG44 


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