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Q: What’s a deviated septum?

Posted Jan 12 2010 1:27pm

  What’s a deviated septum?

A:  The nasal septum is the midline partition that divides your nose into your right and left nasal cavities. You have other septums in your body as well, including your heart and your frontal nasal sinuses. The front part of the nasal septum is made of cartilage, but parts of the rear are made of thin bone. It starts just behind your fleshy nostrils in the middle, continues to the roof of your nose and ends just above your hard palate, in the rear of your nose. No one has a perfectly straight septum. However, if it’s slightly deviated to the right or the left, any degree of nasal inflammation in the other parts of the nose can narrow your breathing passageways, leading to a stuffy nose.

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