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Not resting can cause memory problems, obesity

Posted Jan 29 2011 10:06am

In two separate tests published this week, sleep disorders has been connected to negative health outcomes. Kids and adults with a sleep disorders are at a higher risk of obesity. Rest can also help memories build and be stronger.

Sleep and weight problems

The sleep habits of 300 children were studied. They were 4 to 10 years old in the study. There was a link between weight problems and the children who didn’t sleep regularly. The amount of rest the kids got didn’t correlate. It was just the change in resting patterns from day to day. The lead researcher on the study commented on these results. He said, "We think that the direction of the arrow is you sleep less, you eat more, you exercise less because you're tired, and therefore you gain more weight."

The way that sleep and memory connect

Nature Neuroscience today is a journal. Another sleep study was published in it. There was a discovery that subjects who took naps right after studying would retain 25 percent more information than other subjects. This is what German scientists discovered. One theory is that memories are “downloaded” during rest to be put in the long-term part of the brain after being put within the short-term part at first. Rest can help memories stay there.

Getting more sleep

It doesn’t matter what age you are. Getting sufficient sleep is difficult for most. Usually, school aged children are supposed to be getting nine hrs of rest. ”Enough” rest is between 8 and 10 hrs for adults. It is not that hard to determine what sufficient is for your body. You just have to sleep until you wake up. It seems to actually help for you to “catch up” on your sleep though. Catching up on sleep over the weekend can help reduce risk of being overweight between 280 percent and 400 percent.

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