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Neti-Pots And Killer Amoeba

Posted Sep 10 2012 6:41am

Countless people swear by their Neti-pots, which help to clear sinus passageways and help people to breathe better again. Net-pots are an Indian variation of nasal saline irrigation, using a tea-pot like container to pour saline into the nose using gravity, rather than a spray or squirt bottle.

Alarmingly, there have been reports of people dying from amoeba-contaminated tap water. As a result, the FDA recommended using boiled, distilled, filtered or bottled water. However, this has already been standard practice with most people using a Neti-pot.

I’m sure that there must have been something else to the story with regards to the people who died from these infections. Were they immunocompromised, or chronically ill? We also hear about people dying from amoeba infections by swimming in freshwater lakes and ponds.

Let’s take an informal poll: If you are a Neti-pot user, what type of water do you use?

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