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Magic Sleep Solution or Wishful Thinking?

Posted Aug 24 2008 10:53pm
I have to admit to being very skeptical of this article, which indicates that a product called SmartSilk , invented by Montreal's Harry Walker, has, and I quote, resulted in "... restful sleep with no snoring, sleep apnea, stuffy noses, night-time coughing or overheating"

Now, I have no doubt that this leading-edge product, that has just been awarded the Asthma and Allergy Friendly certification, does all the things it says it does in terms of blocking dust mites and pet dander, ability to pull away moisture, is made of safe materials and so forth. In fact I believe everyone should have SmartSilk or a similar product for all those reasons. I am also especially proud to see that this fantastic product was invented by a Canadian.

However, the article's (but not the product's website ) assertion about all the sleep problems it will solve causes me some concern. I sure would want more information before acquiring this product on the hope that it would solve a snoring or sleep apnea problem, both of which can have serious effects on one's health if not properly treated.
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