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Free Workshop on How To Breathe Your Way to Better Health

Posted Jul 09 2010 12:18pm

Is Your Breathing Making You Sick?

If you'd like to experience the benefits of breathing better and learn a breathing exercise that you can do at home to refresh your mind, body and soul, register below to download my latest recording of this live workshop I did with Deborah Quilter, a noted Feldenkrais practitioner and premiere yoga instructor, I explain on how reinvigorate your breathing.

In two hours, you'll learn:

                Which simple breathing exercises can melt away stress and alleviate back pain

                Why breathing better can dramatically improve your sleep quality-even eliminate insomnia

                Which breathing exercises can enhance your concentration and memory not to mention help you lose weight! 

You'll learn the proven breathing methods I teach to those who suffer from chronic sleep problems and those that Deborah teaches to her clients who suffer from chronic pain and work related stress injuries. 

Many registrants who attended the live workshop paid $45, but I'm giving you access to this workshop to you for  FREE if you register below. 

There's absolutely no obligation to register but if you sign up, you'll gain a wealth of new insights that will turn your health and life around.

This recording is the closest you'll get to experiencing this workshop live, and in person. 

Experience what it feels like to breathe better, and sleep better than you ever thought possible.

Register below to download and listen to this receive your FREE downloadable mp3 recording of this interview.

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