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Can Benadryl cause death from extreme overdose or long-time use?

Posted by Necromicon

I have somehow developed an addiction to diphenhydramine and I'm taking 20-40 a day. I'm beginning to become concerned about whether or not A) taking that many all at once or B) dosing like that for a long period of time will cause death. Obviously the simplest answer is to just stop doing it but I'm still curious about the answer to my question.
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yes as well as decreased sperm count, respiratory problems, kidney failure and rectal bleeding. I know you can trip off Benadryl but it is more of a feverish hallucination then a trip. Please take my advice and start smoking heroin instead, much better high.h
Do you feel a sharp pain like a needle stab in your lower back? Without saying to much, I have a similar affliction as you and I'm trying to figure out what the long term consequences are as well. I also sometimes feel like my lower left back is on fire. I don't know if I'm causing nerve damage or kidney damage either. I'm actually glad I'm not the only one who does this. Also, do you have a history of depression or mental illness? I'm not asking to be rude, I'm just looking for more similarities.
my mother died from toxic levels of benadryl. so yes. I would find my mother in a trance like state ripping her clothes off cus her skin was on fire. She was very depressed and had a long history of battling mental illness. Why benadryl? Why not nyquil? sudafed?
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